Bring your idea. Together, we'll build it.

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We don’t write checks, we build businesses.

Masheen’s full-service model includes the people, processes and technology to develop a minimum viable product and vet it with beta customers. And when we’re done, you’ll have a scalable, derisked product and an established company, ready to present to investors.

From Day 1

We roll up our sleeves to work with you on engineering, strategy and product management. Our playbooks take the friction out of building a business. So you can become a founder – without the trial and error of becoming an entrepreneur.

In pursuit of unique insight and unfair advantage

Alongside founders like you, we solve real customer challenges with disruptive AI-driven software. In exchange for a portion of ownership, we put our own skin in the game. We have a focused investment thesis in IoT, edtech, healthcare analytics, ad tech and impact investing.

AI data visualization

Set the Masheen in motion.

Tell us what you’re excited about – the niche that you’ve discovered. Our high-performance culture enables us to execute in the shortest possible time, so be prepared to jump in.

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Meet the team.

Masheen is family-run and family-owned, allowing us to give the best of ourselves to each other, our portfolio partners and our team.

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    Bill Moschella Managing Director

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    Andrea Moschella Managing Director

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    Karin Campbell Chief of Staff

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    Nick Bequary Venture Partner

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    Nathan Salmon Venture Partner

Welcome to the Masheen podcast Listen to insights on tips for founders, fundraising, trends on AI and the ups and downs of scaling a business with our founders as they interview industry leaders who share their stories.

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